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This is the reaction we hope to get from every client!

Oh My God!!! Adeline, these are beyond gorgeous!!!

We are dying over all of them. They truly could not be more stunning.

There are so many perfect shots, we are overwhelmed!!

Thank you, thank you!! We must put something on the schedule for when we get home! We can't wait to hang out.

And thank you again, words can not express how much we love them!  
Anastasia L.Brooklyn, NY

Sweet Words Straight From This Lovely Lady’s Amazing Blog

From Lexy's amazing blog, Proper:

Okay. So if you have ever tried to take a serious photo of me, you know that it is an almost impossible task. I say inappropriate things. I start to sweat. My face starts to twitch. Seriously. I’m a hot mess when the camera is on me and only me. I am so happy to be pregnant, but I had ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTIONS of having any maternity photos taken. I’ve snapped a few pics on my iPhone to remember these painful/painfully wonderful moments, but I don’t really share those with the human race. But I want to share these. Not because I’m in them. But because Adeline Ramos of You Look Lovely Photography is THAT GOOD.

A few weeks ago at the Eat Drink Create event, I was lucky enough to meet Adeline. She and her funny funny soul mate, Erik, were visiting Colorado from New York and stopped by to check out the party. I love when you meet new people by chance and they quickly become great friends. The girl is amaze. Just amaze. Before she and Erik headed back to New York, she asked if she could take a few photos of me with her snazzy film camera. I was a little uneasy, but I thought it would be a good time. If she didn’t get any good shots, at least she would get a good laugh.

To be completely honest, I was seriously sick about how the photos would turn out. You can delete with digital! But with film? You only get one shot! I was afraid that I wasted all of Adeline’s film, but she was so encouraging and made me feel as calm as one could make this Diet Coke fiend.

I’m so happy with the photos. These are just a few of my faves. I didn’t want to go overboard and have you thinking I was REALLY self-obsessed. Even though. You know. I am. Adeline captured things perfectly and I’m so grateful that I’ll have these photos to remember my last months before meeting Baby Girl Ward (BG-dub). It’s a special thing. And now I might cry. I better go. But before I do, I will go to the grave promoting Adeline and her amazing talent. If you are in New York, check her out. Even if you’re not in NYC, still stalk her. She travels a lot and she could be coming straight to you. Visit her blog! We love her.
Lexy W.Denver, CO

These Kinds of Reactions Are the BEST

After she saw her sneak peek:


After she received her online photo gallery:

Oh My Goodness..... Such beautiful photos! I could not be happier!  
Rhiannon C.Astoria, NY

One Sweet, Happy Couple

After our maternity photography session:

Hi Adeline,Hope you're nice and warm and indoors! Just wanted to take a second and thank you for your time on Saturday.  You and your husband are an awesome pair and Alex and I had such a fun time with you both! You truly made us feel incredibly comfortable and at ease in front of the camera (not an easy feat) and I was so impressed with your creative eye.  It was such a great experience for us and we are so looking forward to seeing the photos.  Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts!



 p.s. We will have to eat cheese together soon!

 After they received their maternity photos:

Wow! Thank you! The pictures are so beautiful!! We couldn't be happier with them and it was so kind of you to have them all ready to go for my baby shower.  You are truly such a talent and all around amazing person.  Thank you, thank you a million times!!


Melissa and Alex
Melissa & Alex H.Scarsdale, NY

A Happy Bride-to-Be After Seeing Her Engagement Photos

Amazing Adeline,

The photos are absolutely incredible! Thank you, thank you!

We are so happy with your work, and feel so great about our future wedding photos!

Looking at these literally made my day. I went ahead and favorited all the ones i like the best (the fact that i have FIFTY favorites is a really good sign haha), and will begin sharing away!
Lauren E.Rosetta Park, NJ

Notes Like This are What It’s All About

Adeline and Erik!

Wilson and I wanted to say you guys are AMAZING. We were having such a hard time finding the right photographer for our wedding and I am so thankful that Jema
found you.

I could tell from your website gallery and from our first phone conversation that you guys were exactly what we were looking for. The whole process was so much easier when it feels like you're just hanging out with friends. We could not praise you all enough.

Thank you again and we cannot wait to see you both again soon!
Jennifer M.Brooklyn, NY

An Amazing Message From the Sister-of-the-Bride


Jennifer and Wilson recently shared her wedding photos and I just wanted say they are STUNNING!

I had no doubts that you'd be able to capture the images that told their love story and of the happiness that filled the day. I also wanted to compliment you and Erik on your professionalism and for being so personable. Family and friends complimented your high-energy and asked me to share your site with them--which I was more than thrilled to!

I'm wishing you much success on your business :)
Cannot wait to see more of your work!
Jema M.New York City, NY

From a Client-Turned-Friend

You did such a beautiful job! We love all the photos! And you!!
Kyra M.New York City, NY

Sweet Notes From a Mommy-to-Be

After our session:

Hi Adeline,

Wanted to drop in a note to let you know we had a great time Sunday and was lovely to meet you and Erik. I can't wait to see the pictures!

When she received her photos:

Hi Adeline,

thank you for the pictures and the quick turnaround! they are lovely. Again we had such a great time in the session. Let me know if you take newborn pictures.
Shabri P.Hoboken, NJ

A Very Happy Mom

After our family photography session:

Omg the pictures are everything!! You did such a great job on us. Thank you so much!

After photographing her son's 1st birthday party:

Adeline and Erik thank you so much for Niall's book you are truly great souls.

I appreciate you attending Niall's first milestone and capturing all the moments I missed running around trying to make it a fun party.

Karlene M.Hoboken, NJ

Sometimes a Few Simple Texts Say It All


We're dying!!

These are amazing!!

You guys are GREAT!! Thank you so much for everything!!
Erin A.Bergen, New Jersey

Some Love From Down Under

Hi Adeline!


Your colour style is beautiful and Alfred and I adore the photos! You captured us in these parts of New York beautifully and know that we'll enjoy looking back at them in the future! Thank you once again for making this a great experience all round!

Do let us know if you and Erik ever decide to come to this side of the world, we'd love to show you around!     
Clarissa L.Sydney, Australia

A Lovely Text to Start Our Day

The photos are gorgeous :D  thank you so much you did an amazing job! :) I will definitely refer you, you made me feel so pretty!
Tatiana M.Jersey City, NJ

A Bride Asked For a Few Photos a Week After Her Wedding to Use for Thank-You Cards. We Sent Them the Next Day. Her Reaction via Text:


that one is AMAZINGGGG


So so so cute. I love them!! You're amazing!

Can I post pics to FB?

The pics have my mama in tears!!

They're truly DIVINE!!
Allie N.Portland, OR

The Best is When Clients Become Friends

After our session:

Hi Adeline & Erik,

It was so great meeting the two of you today! It's awesome that you guys complement each other so well in life and work.  

Thank you for agreeing to capture our special day on such short notice and for making it fun and easy! Sorry that those sticky things got stuck on your pants, hopefully those little buggers are all gone now.   

We will definitely call you guys out if we go to Hoboken, and if you're ever in the city and want to meet up for some food, let us know :)

We cannot wait to see your beautiful photos! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you again!

After they received their photos:

Adeline - thank you so much for the photos! We went through them last night and love them. We're going to get some printed for the wedding next month!!!

Thanks again!

Bibi & Jeremy T.Brooklyn, NY

Notes Like This Are Why We Love Being Wedding Photographers!

Adeline!Thank you so so much! The photos are absolutely amazing! We love them! You and Erik did such an amazing job. My mother is so excited to share them with everyone! Thank you again for everything. You guys really know what you're doing and I could not be happier that you guys were our photographers at our wedding.
Jen M.New York City, NY

We Love Getting Texts Like This:

We had so much fun working with you on Saturday! Thank you!
Rebecca K.New York City, NY

Our Clients Really Are the Sweetest <3

Adeline is the sweetest, most thoughtful photographer I've ever met!

For our wedding day City Hall shoot that was scheduled for 1-2 hours, she came extra early. We took some pics around city hall and she saw that the clouds were coming in and the pictures would have the beautiful glowy look, and she offered to schedule another session for us (b/c we wanted to do Brooklyn Bridge after City Hall).

She truly cares about her couples and wants to give you the best product ever.

I am SO happy I found Adeline (through Style Me Pretty). She is so genuine, kind and sweet and her work is just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
April X.Brooklyn, NY

Facebook Messages Like This Make Us Smile:

Adeline!!! You are so amazing. I love all of our pictures. Thank you for all of your hard work on our wedding day
Yasamin B.New York City, NY

Happy Bride & Groom

Hi Adeline!

I just wanted to say thank you so so much for the pictures. You did such a fabulous job and even Alec who hates pictures was so happy with them!

If we can ever offer a referral, review, etc. please just let us know because we would be more then happy to :-)

Please tell Erik I said hello! You guys are seriously so sweet and have made our wedding memorabilia extra special!

Talk to you soon!

Katie B.Los Angeles, CA

Maternity Session Love ~ One More Happy Couple

WOW!!! These are Amazing!  Thank you so, so, so much! 

Love your work - we've given your cards to a couple getting married too, ::fingers crossed::

Hopefully we'll see you again soon!

Leanne & James
Leanne P.Hoboken, NJ

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